Never Normal

Imagine setting up camp and finding Sharon Van Etten singing in the forest behind you. Lovely.


We’re the only truck camper at our RV Park. Surprisingly, we’re not the smallest living space. One of the neighbors a few slots down the road is a van!

Why does being a truck camper matter? Because some RV Parks think it should, and that being anything other than a trailer or fifth wheel is somehow not a legitimate platform for full-time living.

We were lucky to be accepted by this RV Park during the winter season because it’s been full here since the day we moved in. This seems to be the case for several RV Parks in the area. They’re filling up!

An unfortunate side effect is that RV Park managers can now be more picky about who they allow in without hurting their business. The lesson here is that although truck campers can go many places that “normal” RVs can’t, the RV Park might be the one place where those with truck campers are at a disadvantage.

I asked one RV Park why they didn’t allow truck campers and the response I received was that we didn’t fit into the goal of the park because we are a “camper.” It still makes no sense to me, but if someone has a good explanation, please do share!